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Fred Swingle,
Revolutionär seit 22. Dezember 2005
Wo ist Fred meistens zu finden?
He can be found most of the time with Mina, somewhere between Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California. If we aren't in Napa, We are probably in our trailer.
Wann und wo wurde das Bankerl-Foto gemacht?
This one of Fred was taken on 11/15/05 (for Europeans 15.11.05). This one is in "A Bug's Land" in California Adventure (a new part of Disneyland in Southern California).
Was isn das für ein Bankerl?
The bench is made up of antique iron farm tractor seats attached to a wood beam.
Warum macht Fred bei der Revolution mit?
Fred's reason for being a revolutionary is the same as Mina's (He's RETIRED).
Noch mehr Bankerl mit Fred
  ...gibt es noch keine. Noch.